Silvery Stainless Steel Ring - Genuine Onyx Stone

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Silvery Stainless Steel Ring - Genuine Onyx Stone, this ring is adjustable for all sizes. It is made of stainless steel and genuine Brazilian black onyx, a category A natural stone measuring approximately 10 mm.
According to lithotherapy (stone healing), onyx blocks out negative thoughts. It harmonises the body and mind and helps them to calm down. It boosts self-confidence by reducing stress and anxiety. When you feel good about yourself, your body relaxes and everything becomes easier. With an Onyx stone, mental tensions dissipate to make way for positive vibes.

According to lithotherapy (healing with stones), Onyx can absorb negative waves, both from people and from objects. It is known for calming the mind and making it easier to achieve mental calm, bringing inner peace and ease in prayer.