Lourdes Water

Lourdes Giftshop : Our online shop from the pilgrimage site of Lourdes in France offers a select range of items with water from Lourdes. When, on 11 February 1858, a lady dressed i...n white with a rosary appeared to 14-year-old Bernadette Soubirous in the grotto of Massabielle near Lourdes, the place became famous. The water of Lourdes comes from the spring released by Bernadette in the grotto as part of the Lourdes apparitions. Bernadette explained that the lady who saw her told her: come and drink at the spring and wash there. Since then, pilgrims drink this water or bathe in it in the swimming pools. Its miraculous power is based on faith. Bernadette Soubirous said about the water from Lourdes: We take the water as medicine ... We must have faith, we must pray: This water has no virtue without faith!... Water has a strong symbolism in the pilgrimage site and is omnipresent on the pilgrim's way to Lourdes. This water is freely available in the pilgrimage site and free of charge, you only pay for the container and the water carrier (transport). We offer the water of Lourdes in bottles of different sizes and contents, with or without an image of a saint. But also in the form of peppermint candy made with Lourdes water. Some Lourdes rosaries and Lourdes pendants contain a drop of Lourdes water on the back of the medal so that you can carry it with you at all times. We've been listening to your needs for over 20 years to offer you the widest possible choice of items with Lourdes water. Spiritual and professional are not incompatible qualities ! Lourdes Giftshop on the Internet: Shipping within 24 hours.
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Flask Lourdes Water 13cm